Think about match, Tinder and all the other dating sites...You email...Wait for a response...Email some more and it might be 1-3 weeks before you get a date. Now...It's Friday night. You and your friend had a long week and you’re ready to hit the town and meet someone. You head toward your favorite bar. Once you get to the bar, you can see other “Ice Breakers” that are logged in and start browsing their profiles.

For Example...2 guys at the bar are interested in 2 girls across the bar. With the option to look up their profile right then and there. From there they can decide if they want to approach the girls. Middle aged...divorcee...Been out of the scene for a while. Maybe you have game, maybe you don’t. With the help of this app, you can search profiles of people right in the same place as you. If they fit what you are looking for, you now have the info you need to approach them…”Ice Breaker”. Hey, you know what…they like tall guys, 30-35yrs old, into sports, etc. Now we have something in common right from the get go. And it works for all ages and pretty much any public place you can think of.

Starbucks….anyone looking for someone to have a cup of coffee.

Parks….I’m new in town, stay at home mom, looking for people to meet/play dates, etc.

Libraries…Chem student looking for another chem student to study on a Friday night. Anyone else here that might be as well?

At a tailgating event…if your friends on your buddy list come within 100yds of you, you will be alerted of their presence.

You put as little or as much information about yourself in your profile. And once you Login to the App you are now online just as if you were on eHarmony or even Facebook. Except, the other people online can come over and meet you instantaneous. Start an IM or just Poke them right then and there. Have a creep following you?!?! Use the privacy controls to block them.

This App is contingent on other people being logged in so we’ll be aggressively marketing. Help us by spreading the word. Try it out right at work with a few of your co-workers.

As with anything new, there will be needs for improvements and added functionality. Please send us your comments and suggestions via the App.

Time to bring people back together. Time for “Real Time” Social Networking….Time for Ice Breaker!